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  • Alena Jenkins

Infusing Love Languages: How Cannabis Can Enhance your Valentine's Day

In the realm of love and connection, the language we speak can be as diverse as the relationships we cultivate. This Valentine's Day, we invite you to embark on a unique journey of sensuality, exploration, and intimate connection, guided by the five love languages and cannabis.. As the cannabis community embraces the spirit of togetherness, we present an exploration of how the cannabis plant can elevate each of the Five Love Languages, creating an experience that goes beyond the traditional expressions of affection.

Whether you're a wordsmith craving affirmations, an adventurer in the realm of acts of service, a lover of tangible gifts, a seeker of quality time, or one who finds solace in the language of touch, our cannabis-infused suggestions promise a celebration tailored to your unique love language.


Words Of Affirmation: Using Cannabis as a Tool to Reaffirm Your Love

Cannabis themed bath time is a romantic gesture

With the language of love, sometimes words speak louder than actions.

Picture this: a quiet evening, the soft glow of candlelight, and the lingering aroma of a carefully curated cannabis-infused bath. As you and your partner sink into the warm embrace of the tub filled with an infused Canna-Bomb or relaxing Infused Frankincense bath salts , let your words become the language of affection by introducing five things you both have gratitude for.

Use this intimate moment to affirm not just your love but also your appreciation for the unique journey you've crafted together. We suggest the Axea Bath Salts, or Stewart Farms Bath Bombs.

Want to explore each other's cannabis preferences?

Consider blindfolding your partner, introducing them to the world of strains by aroma alone. As they inhale the fragrant notes, affirm each other's preferences, creating a dialogue that deepens your connection on this special day.


Acts of Service : Elevating Experiences for Nurturing Bonds

This Valentine's Day, dive into the language of acts of service with a touch of cannabis-infused charm. Picture this: a cozy evening where your partner is treated to a culinary sensory journey amplified by cannabis. Truly savour all the flavours, orchestrated completely by your thoughtful acts of service.

Looking for an interactive and playful activity?

Zen Zingers Gummy making kits are more than a kit; it's a shared experience . Whether you choose to make the perfect concoction for your partner's needs by finding their perfect flavour and dosage, your gummy is uniquely yours when you make it yourself! It's not just about making treats; it's about creating memories that will linger long after the last gummy is enjoyed. We're including a special valentine's mold free until February 14th.

Pasta infused with cannabis THC truffle oil

For the culinary enthusiasts, explore the world of cannabis-infused cooking with the many different pantry items. From truffle oils to sugars and hot sauces, our pantry of infused delights provides the perfect ingredients for a romantic dinner at home. Turn cooking into a joint effort, savoring the flavors of your efforts and the shared joy of creating something special.

These acts of service go beyond the ordinary, infusing your Valentine's Day with a unique blend of love and cannabis magic. Sometimes the most memorable moments are the ones we create together.


Quality Time : Enhancing Moments with Cannabis

Take the adventure further with various cannabis options. Turn a simple activity into a joint endeavor, transform ordinary moments into cherished memories. Cannabis has the ability to heighten senses, which makes it a perfect pairing for spending quality time with your loved ones. May we suggest extending the experience beyond the home.

Ice Skating in Calgary with an infused hot chocolate, tea or other beverage

Picture a thermos of infused hot chocolate warming your hands while you spend time on a serene stroll along the River Walk. Take your hunny for a skate at Olympic or Stanley Park, all with the soothing effects of cannabis amplifying the joy of your surroundings.

For a night out, imbibe in one of our many pre-roll options before heading to your favorite restaurants like Cannibale, La Brezza, or Sushi Bar Zipang in Bridgeland. Explore new culinary delights at the vibrant 1st Street area with options like the Calcutta Cricket Club, Ten Foot Henry, Proof, or Pat and Betty.


Receiving Gifts : Beyond Bouquets & Better Chocolates

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, and what better way to express your affection than with carefully chosen gifts that go beyond the ordinary? This year, elevate your gift-giving game with a touch of cannabis-inspired flair.

With Better Flowers than a Florist, skip the traditional bouquet and opt for a gift that not only captivates the senses, but also adds a spark of excitement to your celebration.

Cannabis bouquet of sativa and indica flowers
Setting the Mood with Lower THC Flower: A Subtle and Relaxing Experience

When planning for a romantic evening, consider the subtle charm of lower THC flower, including some new incredible balanced THC:CBD options. This thoughtful choice provides a mellow high, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance without any overwhelming intensity. Imagine a gentle inhale, a subtle elevation, and a state of relaxation that enhances connection without getting too deep. It's the ideal option for those seeking a mild, euphoric embrace, ensuring you and your partner can be fully present in the moment and enjoy the shared experience without overthinking.

We've brought in a ton of Valentine's Day themed accessories for your honey, or for yourself.

Find our Valentine's specific sections on the carousels of our menus:

And as always, you can find incredible makers and artists in both Gallery spaces. If you find something you like, we can help to facilitate the perfect piece for your space.


Physical Touch: Amplifying Intimacy with Cannabis

In the language of love, touch speaks volumes, and this Valentine's Day, cannabis becomes the catalyst for heightened physical connection.

Infuse your own body oils and massage oils with Frank, Medipharm, or FiveFounders THC and CBD Tinctures

Introduce our infused massage oils into your evening, turning a simple touch into a journey of intimacy. Alternatively, use one our MCT based cannabis oils paired with your favourite oils and scents to create your own, unique body oils. A fragrance-free coconut oil base could make a tantalizing body oil safe for external use on more intimate areas. We recommend adding a few mL of our THC cannabis oils for potentially heightened arousal.

A woman with goose bumps enjoying different cannabis sensations

Cannabis has the remarkable ability to heighten physical sensations, creating an atmosphere where touch becomes not just a gesture but an elevated experience. Imagine the soothing effects, the heightened sensitivity, and the profound connection that cannabis-infused physical touch can illicit. Due to this ability, try getting a little spicy by taking away certain senses with someone you trust. Add soft touch combined with different temperatures or textures to heighten your partner's receptors. Please practice safely and with clear consent.


Catch Alena, our President, with the Cannaladies Friday, February 10th for an incredible Galentine's night complete with food, drinks, and discussions about how cannabis and sensuality mix.

Grab your tickets by clicking the image below!

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