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September 2023 - March 2024

This current exhibition expresses wild youth and nostalgia through the use of gestural strokes and rich pigment. Abstract in nature, we see ourselves reflected in the TV-static of a movie-night turned sleepover, or in the carpet of your favorite arcade. 

Photo 2023-11-20, 11 25 02.jpg
Photo 2023-11-20, 11 25 17.jpg


Growing up in the picturesque surroundings of Vancouver Island, Dave was constantly surrounded by beauty and creativity. As an only child, he learned to be independent early on and found solace in pursuing his passions for music and art. At the age of 15, Dave discovered a new form of expression through graffiti, which allowed him to join a crew and create a brotherhood while honing his artistic skills. He spent countless hours perfecting his lettering and color schemes, running through train yards and painting large-scale aerosol murals. Painting his first graffiti piece on his 16th birthday was a milestone moment that cemented his love for this art form.

For Dave, art is not just a medium of expression but a way of life. He firmly believes that art is all around us, waiting to be discovered and appreciated. As he puts it, "There is literally art everywhere you look; you just need to pay attention and feel it."

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