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Celebrating Women In Cannabis - Diversity Means Everyone Wins

As we come to the end of international Women's Month (March 2024), we want. to highlight how female-owned cannabis companies play a crucial role in the burgeoning cannabis industry by fostering diversity, inclusivity, and innovation and breaking barriers and bringing fresh perspectives to the table. These companies, artists and organizations contribute to Calgarian, Canadian and global economic growth and address the unique needs of female consumers.

Female-owned cannabis businesses empower women economically and spiritually as well as provide opportunities for leadership and ownership in an industry that is now recognizing its sizeable and interested female consumer. By supporting and promoting female-owned cannabis companies, we promote equality, drive innovation, and create a more inclusive industry that benefits every communities.

FivePoint has always been female owned by Alena Jenkins and operated by a stellar team of other passionate women, and will continue to thrive as such by supporting other women in cannabis. Take a peek down below at some FivePoint menu staples and how you can directly support a myriad of women who are simply doing the damn thing.

Alanna Biffert Glass

Alana Biffert, a dedicated glass artist, delves into the depths of introspection through her profound installations, merging glass and wood to explore themes of consumerism and the passage of time. With roots in Malta's glass culture and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alberta University of the Arts, Biffert's journey embodies a deep commitment to her craft. Her work serves as a voice, expressing intricate observations of nature's discourse and societal complexities. Through her hot casting process, she captures fleeting moments, preserving them within the glass as a testament to the enduring imprint of existence and environmental impact.

Manna Maple Sugar

Manna believes in the future of edible cannabis. Not everyone feels comfortable having edibles around their homes and with their unique maple sugar blends, individuals can choose their perfect dosage and how they would like to consume it. Manna also supports initiatives that helps individuals address consequences of cannabis crimes. Manna aims to challenge the stigma of cannabis convictions and dismantle the barriers to legal cannabis participation that an estimated 500,000 Canadians still live with. Manna partners with Canadian manufacturers to create sustainable and renewable packaging. Based here in Calgary and 100% organic, Manna is a must-add to any consumption routine.

Rilaxe Gummies

Unwind with British Columbia based Rilaxe, whose offerings boast both delectable flavors and a commitment to sustainability. Every ingredient in their gummy collection is responsibly and ethically sourced. Their distillate infusions are flavourless and odourless, allowing you to enjoy the natural peach and cherry flavours.

Sense & Purpose

Sense & Purpose presents an exceptional range of cannabis-infused beverages renowned for their exquisite taste and rapid effects, all crafted from 100% natural juice ingredients. Sweetened naturally with organic blue agave syrup and devoid of artificial flavors or colors, this line provides versatile choices for recovery, refocusing, recharging, or relaxation. Founded by Karen Young, Sense & Purpose not only delivers outstanding products but also integrates her Social Impact Program (SIP) seamlessly into the company's ethos and operations.

Queen of Bud

Initiated as a retail storefront by Ashley Newman in 2018 Queen of Bud was one of Canada's pioneering legal cannabis retail destinations. Since its inception, Queen of Bud has blossomed into a licensed producer, offering an extensive array of flowers, extracts, edibles, CBD formulations, and a range of cannabis-inspired home goods, accessories, and apparel. Beyond their unwavering commitment to quality, Queen of Bud distinguishes itself through its incorporation of spirituality: each cultivar is thoughtfully paired and branded with crystals, under the belief that the energies of these crystals harmonize with and reflect the essence of each strain, geared for those seeking to enrich their meditation practices and embark on a spiritual voyage with the assistance of cannabis.


With over a decade of experience under their belt, Wana stands as a woman-owned cannabis enterprise committed to enriching customers' lives through mindful cannabis consumption and the provision of delectable products crafted with consistency, potency, and premium ingredients. Their journey unfolds with years spent perfecting recipes, broadening their product range, and immersing themselves in the artistry of their craft. Wana is global - with their team proudly introducing some of the most enticing edibles from the American market to the Canadian market including their hybrid 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade, 1:2 Japanese Citrus Yuzu, 1:5 Pomegranate Blueberry Acai or iconic Mango Sativa Gummies. Always vegan and gluten free.

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