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FivePoint's Ganja Gifting Guide 2023

'Tis the season to savor the higher moments in life. Welcome to FivePoint Cannabis' Ganja Gift Guide, where we invite you to discover a world of thoughtful, chic, and seamlessly integrated cannabis-inspired presents- at any price point.

FivePoint is also happy to provide gift wrapping to any purchase no matter how small.

Canada's Premier Canna-Advent Calendar is Back!!

Love surprises? Let us curate your experience with our "12 Daze of Kushmas" Cannadvent Calendar! Filled with more local cannabis and custom accessories than ever before- this calendar is sure to elevate your high-liday season! Pick up in-store now, or order ahead. We can deliver in Calgary, or ship anywhere in Alberta.

This holiday season, we're redefining the art of gifting by curating an exquisite selection that not only delights the senses but also complements the rhythm of canna-curated living. From beautifully designed accessories to exquisite seasonal strains, our collection aims to elevate every aspect of life's moments, big and small.

Indulge in the joy of giving with gifts that transcend the ordinary, catering to those who appreciate the harmony of creation and cannabis. Whether you're shopping for the urban trendsetter, the wellness enthusiast, or the mindful explorer, our guide is thoughtfully crafted to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

Let FivePoint be your guide to a season filled with warmth and connection!

Stocking Stuffers Under $20:

Great grab and go items to fulfill the final touches on a larger gift, or as a small introduction to something new. Shop delicious edibles, holiday themed pre-rolls, accessories, bath bombs and more. Check them out here. Simply scroll down to find our "Stocking Stuffers" section.

Some of our favourite under $20 Stocking Stuffers include:

1) Manna Hot Chocolate Bomb - Locally made, smooth and delicious, we love this hot cocoa around a fire or at our local ice rinks.

2) Seasonal Pipes - Made with fun greens, reds, and easy on the wallet.

3) Edibles - From gummies, to local hand crafted chocolates, all the way to savory snacks like hot sauce and beef jerky, we love celebrating the holidaze with a ton of infused options.

Seasonal Canna-Beverages – Booze-Free Canna Mocktails:

Looking to skip the alcohol this holiday season? Whatever the reason, canna-beverages are a great alternative. Enjoy refreshing variations of classics such as cesar, margaritas and beers or steer-clear entirely with a myriad of juices, sodas and sugar-free selections. THC not your thing but still want a lil something to take the edge off? FivePoint is offering CBD only beverages to relax without intoxicating.

Some staff favourites include the Mollo 10:10 THC: CBG Orchard Chiller, the Sweet Justice Zero Sugar Cola 10MG THC and the Solei Dragon Passionfruit 25MG CBD.

Specialties for Any Canna-Curious Consumer:

BRNT is designed in Alberta by University of Alberta alumni. Pulling inspiration from architecture, LED lights and astronomy- BRNT designs are sleek pieces meant to be left out and displayed. Enjoy durability with style as all BRNT pieces are freezer safe for cooler hits and dishwasher safe for even cooler cleaning.

Making it on to Rolling Stone's Gift Guide for the year- Hexagon by BRNT is inspired by the angular forms and intersecting planes of Daniel Libeskind architecture. This bong re-imagines what a water pipe is, creating a product that is unlike any other in its field.

Enjoy their smaller bubbler the "Polygon", BRNT's portable piece the "Prism" or either of their storage solutions; the "Malua" container and the "Briq" ashtray.

We specially brought in full red and white collections of BRNT to create a really spectacular holiday set for you or your loved ones.

For The Green Thumb:

Weathered Island Craft Cannabis Seeds Pink Plum Kush- 5 Pack Seeds - $42.00

Give the opportunity to flex a green thumb with major payoff come harvest season: The Pink Plum Kush combines the strength of Texada’s outdoor genetic heritage with sweet and flavourful high THC. These plants love to show off their pink and purple tones, creating majestic and beautiful buds. Perfect for indoor year round or outdoor in season- finishing mid-late September with approximately 8 week flowering time.

For The Wellness Enthusiast:

Proofly Sports 1:1 Cool Mint Gel 100g - $42.99

Minty, cooling and refreshing. Think ICY-HOT with bonus of THC and CBD infusion directly to the desired area. This gel absorbs rapidly and does not leave sticky residue on the skin.

Spring Hill Cannabis Coconut, Grapefruit & Mint High CBD 56ml Body Butter - $49.99

This is a relieving infused topical body butter featuring exclusively high CBD cannabinoid content formulated with over 70% certified organic ingredients. Spring Hill products are paraben and phthalate free. Start small and massage into skin to enjoy quick and effective relief.

For The Mindful Explorer: Red Jasper 2 x 1g Diamond-Infused Rose Petal Blunts - $49.99 - FEMALE OWNED

The fire element crystal Red Jasper is known to increase one's level of passion and sexual vibrancy. Red Jasper assists with improving emotional stamina, self-trust, and self-confidence. This rare, diamond-infused hybrid cultivar from Calgary local Queen of Bud provides a balanced experience and flavourful smoke. These colorful blunts are hand-crafted from dried rose petals for a romantic touch. Its nurturing and loving energy creates a passionate connection between lovers.

Ongrok Grinders - Gold or Rose Gold - $48.99

Beautifully tri-tiered and fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum and eco-friendly materials. Designed in North America- enjoy modern design with sleek functionality. Ongrok Grinders feature an extra-large storage compartment to stash your bud on the go. Available in stunning Gold or Rose Gold.

Handmade Glass Ornaments from Local Glass Master Alana Biffert

Alana Biffert's profound dedication to the artistry of glass is a reflection of her unwavering commitment and deep-rooted passion for the Arts. Her formative years were spent immersed in the glass culture of Malta, a Mediterranean island, where her childhood dreams revolved around the art of glassblowing.

These unique ornaments feature one-of-a-kind shaping, colouring and texturing. Come shop our Christmas tree to pick out your custom glass ornament for your own tree. No two are alike- so get yours while you can!

Sales of these ornaments directly benefit Alana and creates more opportunity through your support of the Calgary arts community. FivePoint is committed to keeping cannabis and creation local. Thank you for engaging in our communities!

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