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Hours of Operation

FivePoint Cannabis Victoria Park First Street Open Longer. New Hours. Great cannabis beltline


Canada's Original Cannabis Gallery, we're elevating 1st Street's Cannabis experience. Established 09/23.

100% Independently Owned and Operated. We sell great weed and showcase local art. 

Current artist in our gallery

sarah lamoureaux aka "slamo"

Sarah Lamoureux is an information designer, public joy creator and artist who resides in Mohkinstsis (Calgary).

By day, Sarah works as a designer and idea generator for public activations and consults on how to make graphic design a bit more accessible for all human beings. 

By night (and on most weekends), Sarah creates paintings inspired by the prairies and the secrets possessed by those big, open skies. She is also a seasoned muralist, working with her partner in life and in art, Cory Bugden, to transform spaces with larger-than-life creations.

If you're interested in purchasing sarah's Artwork

Please reach out to sarah directly on her website found here

We recognize art as a conduit for legalization. As part of our creed to support local artists in our community, while keeping old school cannabis culture alive, FivePoint does not take a commission on artwork sold at our gallery space. If one of our sales staff helped in this transaction, we kindly request you mention their name as they do receive a commission directly from the artist. 
Thank you for supporting our local business and helping us to support the local growers, and artists in your community. 

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