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  • Alena Jenkins

Handmade glass for your grass

If you've been in FivePoint, you've seen our selection of local, handmade artisanal smoking accessories. From bowls to bangers, carb caps and unique spoon pipes, each of these pieces are one-of-a-kind and display a wide range of artistic talent and techniques.

Borosilicate lampworker Matt A.K.A. Era Glassworks says that artists "really appreciate when cannabis retailers choose to support local artists" like himself.

FivePoint is very excited to be able to offer these dab-specific glassworks. The designs are sophisticated and symmetrical, with masterful techniques on display through the shimmering colours and inlaid synthetic opal pieces, which appear to float - suspended in the glass. Huge bonus for supporting local: Era Glassworks guarantees his product with free repairs. See more of Era Glassworks on instagram @Era_glassworks

Local glass maker Alana Biffert A.K.A. Whirl Class Glass usually focusses on large installations, but hopes that creating functional art for the cannabis realm can help her successfully produce art full-time. Expanding into the world of lamp-working, Whirl Class Glass has created some beautiful designs currently available at FivePoint, including these elegant fumettes for when you want to class-up your smoke.

For UV glowing, colour-change fuming and custom designs you can't find anywhere else, meet Jay A.K.A. Eckardt Glass. Eckardt Glass has graced the FivePoint displays since the day that we first unlocked our doors and opened for business. Thematic Calgary-inspired designs and magic forest energy like this can't be missed.

Another fantastic local artist in the FivePoint space, Evan A.K.A. Woodtick Glass has something very special and creative happening in his workspace. These reptile-inspired designs feature advanced and unique colouration techniques as well as horns and tusks placed thoughtfully to improve your comfort while smoking. If you're looking for a new bong bowl or a spoon pipe, Woodtick Glass has amazing workmanship worth checking out in-person.

Handmade glass makes for a wonderful gift. If you're looking for something special for the blossoming cannaseur, or the seasoned collector in your life: consider shopping local and supporting local artists. Craftsmanship and careful design work will elevate your smoking experience and impress your friends.

Worried you'll pick the wrong piece? Gift cards are now available at FivePoint, making it easier than ever to share your love of cannabis with a friend.

Don't forget to clean your pipes and bongs! We have a variety of cleaning products available, including a great deal on the Higher Standards cleaning kit. The kit is complete with everything you will need to clean your pipes and bongs a few times each.

Keep it clean, keep it green. Thanks for stopping by the FivePoint blog. One love!

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