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  • Alena Jenkins

Friendibles and FivePoint: local indie businesses build eachother up

It was a sunny mid-September day in 2019, just a month-or-so after FivePoint quietly opened the doors to Calgary’s first cannabis gallery: a concept carefully designed by daughter-father pair Alena and Dan Jenkins. Cannabis-infused edibles would become legal in one month, and everyone was very excited. The Calgary Herald was featuring Calgary-based company Friendibles in: Legal edibles . . . should add 3 million consumers to the cannabis market by Bill Kauffman. The team stopped in FivePoint and took a picture by the iconic “I Get Lifted” mural, which was a commissioned piece made by local artist Copper Spruce.

Evan (Mah) and Ciprain (Georgescu) are really smart people. They have designed a beautiful product with a lot of research behind it. Every single detail about the Friendibles infusion kit has been carefully considered with compliance, safety and recreation all at the forefront. It’s safe to say we were very happy to see them participate in some FivePoint Friday education sessions, first as attendees and later on as hosts in early February 2020! The Friendibles education session was incredibly helpful. Evan and Ciprain explained the differences between inhaling and ingesting cannabis on a scientific level, but in a very understandable language. They also explained some amazing chemistry. Did you know that there’s this fancy compound called 11-OH-THC (hydroxy-THC) which only hits your brain when you eat THC?

Inhaling cannabis won’t activate this psychoactive compound that amplifies the effect of the plant! That means you can get more out of your plant by eating it (effects may vary). Next, Friendibles took us step-by-step on how to do our own cannabis infusion, using the instructions they provide in their Friendibles kits now for sale at FivePoint.

FivePoint and Friendibles friendship story is a sign of the times in our small city. Local, independent, family-owned businesses are opening all across our city in many industries. These local businesses are very dedicated to the well-being of their communities. It’s a sign of progress.

The Friendibles kit comes with (almost) everything you need for your next Sunday afternoon or snow-day project. Specialized kitchen tools, an awesome Friendibles grinder and a safe storage container were all designed to help you make the most consistent, delicious, safe and replicable experiences with your at-home cannabis infusions. The only thing that doesn’t come with the kit is the key ingredient: your favourite flower.

FivePoint Cannabis is very excited to be the first store to carry Friendibles infusion kits for sale. Drop by 945 General Ave NE Calgary between 10 AM and 10 PM any day of the week to pick up your DIY infusion kit and some buds to get started! FivePoint ganja guides will be happy to help you pick a strain you’ll love.

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