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FivePoint 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Join our mission to support local this holiday season. Whether you're shopping for a simple stocking stuffer, a secret Santa gift, or something extra special for someone you know who deserves it, we've got you covered.

Auxley Foray Eggnog Infused Edible Chocolate

Limited-edition Eggnog White Chocolate coins from Auxley Group are great treats on their own, but why not add a cup of hot milk or milk alternative to make yourself a cup of infused eggnog hot chocolate? Bonus points if you add whipped cream and sprinkles. These coins are a great add-on stocking stuffer, too.

Nuance Noon&night infused cbd bath bombs. Latitude Sex Pot Intimacy Oil with THC and CBD. Holiday Collection

We're big into self-care here at FivePoint. Melt into one of our many infused bath bombs. If you can't choose one, they come in multipacks to try. Nuance bath bombs are hypoallergenic, free of colourants and made with real lavender or grapefruit with essential oils. If you're seeking something a little spicier, perhaps some warming massage oil or Latitude's Sex Pot intimacy oil.

Cannabis Tea from TGOD. Infused Green Tea with THC and CBD, Chamomile Tea, Hibiscus Tea for Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you have a tea lover on your nice list? Responsibly sourced premium ingredients are packed in a recyclable tins or pouches in three different flavours and strengths.

Zen Green Sencha contains 10 biodegradable pyramid sachets. A relaxing blend of natural, organic ingredients and a 1:10 ratio of THC:CBD. Restful Chamomile Contains 4 teabags. A zero caffeine wild harvested chamomile lends sweetness to this aromatic blend of lavender and cinnamon, finishing with warm notes of valerian and anise. Expect a reliable 2.5mg:5mg THC:CBD per teabag. Happy Hibiscus Mate combines 5mg THC from certified organic cannabis with energizing yerba mate, tart hibiscus, sweet cacao & orange peel, bright turmeric with a warm ginger finish.

Add 1 tea sachet to 250ml cup of hot water and steep for 5 minutes. Absorption can occur in just 15 minutes with 4.5X more absorption versus oil alone. Sip and enjoy!

Legend Bernard Callebaut Cannabis Chocolate in Milk Chocolate Orange. Perfect stocking stuffer. 420. Stoners. Cannabis.

Orange milk chocolate? If this flavour doesn't scream Canadian holiday season, we don't know what does. Take local master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut's recipe for milk chocolate and infuse it with premium cannabis. This sweet treat is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

From Canadian brand Hush Lifestyle, we bring you several locking, smell proof cases that function as good as they look. We've included two sets of limited edition FivePoint curing jars in all of our Hush Lifestyle brand bags, but don't forget to load them up with goodies for the holidays.

SMELL PROOF – All bags are lined with activated carbon within the interior fabric, eliminating and locking in all odors

LOCKABLE – Equipped with an integrated 3-digit combination lock, set any code you want and change it whenever you wish

MOISTURE SEAL ZIPPER – Helps trap all odors and doesn’t allow any moisture in or out of the bag

DISCREET AND PORTABLE – Carry your cannabis products discreetly and don’t attract any unnecessary attention

Hush Lifestyle Brand Made in Canada. Locking cannabis storage. Smell Proof Bag. Vegan Leather. Zipper. Canadian. stylish Weed Bag

The large vegan leather case comes with soft dividers that can be removed or reconfigured for all of your different canna-related items. Find an interior pocket to safely store your papers, lighters, or vape pens. We've included two limited edition FivePoint curing jars in gold labelled "indica" and "sativa" to ensure your stash stays fresher, longer. There's an exterior three digit locking mechanism to keep children and pets safe. This large case also comes paired with a matching travel satchel; elevate your storage with Hush available FivePoint.

FivePoint Cannabis Bridgeland Gift Cards

Not quite sure what to get? Give the gift of flexibility with a Gift Card. Featuring local Artist Lesley Bergen, these tangible gifts can be sold in denominations from $10 - $200.

Daily Special Cranberry Sauce Vape Dab Bods Apple Spice

We've got the sauce, in vape-able format. Daily Special has given us a special holiday treat with their latest winter-themed 5/10 vape "Cranberry Sauce". With 80% THC, Cranberry Sauce 1g 510 Vape is a high-THC vape cartridge at a low price. A perfect stocking stuffer. This vape comes infused with the crisp, sweet-tart bite of festive cranberries and is available this holiday season for a limited time. DAB Bods Spiced Apple Live Resin vape carts feature warm, festive holiday flavours of scrumptious apple pie. Using BHO extraction techniques to create a pure, potent live resin. This limited feature cartridge is here for the holidays.

Unichill Wear X FivePoint Cannabis Bridgeland collaboration onesie. Canadian made company clothing cannabis hemp.

To stay extra warm and comfy this year, may we suggest you head over to our pals at Uni Chillwear and pick up their limited edition FivePoint onesies?

With pockets for your phone, lighter, doob holders, along with a super convenient butt flap, oversized hood, and mesmerizing pattern these onesies are truly incredible, just be sure not to blend in too much to the FivePoint wallpaper when you come in and show it off.

Use the code FIVEPOINTsociety at check out for a special discount.

From all of us at FivePoint, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season this year. If you're looking for more gift ideas, you can browse our full menu online and use the discount code: Online5 for 5% off your order at the checkout. See you in the Gallery where you can browse more local art, all for sale through the local artists.

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