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McKenna Prather


McKenna is a freelance artist based in Calgary, Canada.

In 2018, she graduated with a BFA from Alberta University of the Arts, and began freelancing full-time in 2019. That summer, she was the Homes by Avi 2019 Stampede Rotary Dream Home Artist. Since then, her following of collectors has grown across Canada thanks to social media and displaying/selling work through locally owned businesses like Red Door Home Living, Maillot Homes and FivePoint Cannabis Gallery.

Pather's work consists of animals, plants, landscapes, portraits and still life objects. A large amount of her practice consists of custom commission paintings, while the collections she creates are inspired by wildlife.

Using acrylic paint on hand-made stretched canvas, Prather builds up layers of paint in a collaged fashion, painting some elements realistically, flat or patterned. Each painting is embellished with embroidery, where she lays the canvas down and stitch into the painting to add final texture.

Her painting style is influenced by folk art and hand-made crafts like quilting and needle-point. Prather looks up to artists like Mary Pratt and Maude Lewis, aiming to capture Mary’s sense of light & colour, and Maude’s whimsicality & story-telling ability.

Prather is most inspired by my family of artisans and makers. They are her biggest supporters and the reason she became an artist. Her family in Newfoundland and Alberta is comprised of painters, knitters, cooks, and craftsmen. Everything that they make is with the intent of creating a cozy, happy home.

Cozy & Happy is how she wants each of her paintings to feel- sparking joy when you see it in your home..

McKenna Prather
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