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Kathryn E. Pearce

Painter + Muralist

Katie is largely self-taught as an artist, and has always made art. Born in Calgary, AB, and raised in Nelson, BC she grew up swimming in Kootenay Lake, hiking in the mountains, and exploring the surroundings with her friends. After graduating high school she attended Interior Design, and then Architecture school in Calgary AB. Since then she hasn’t left Calgary, meeting her husband here, they later started a family - one son and one dog. They have a house and studio up in Renfrew, where Katie makes her artwork. In the day she works at the City of Calgary as a project manager, and in the evenings she is either running MAUD Collective, painting, or hanging with the family.


This new collection of work explores looking at the world, and the way it feels in layers of colours, and shapes.

The artwork was created intuitively - starting without preconceived ideas of where it will go, or what will

emerge. The artwork is an accretion of the art-making experience, left are traces of where it came from as

part of how it came into being. The evidence of this journey is much like evidence in myself of where I came

from with the most beautiful aspects being created by happenstance.

Kathryn E. Pearce
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