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Highly Sought After - Your Guide to Our Favourite Calgary Sesh-tinations

Looking for things to do this summer in Calgary? Embark on a self directed cannabis tour, or head directly to one of our favourite natural destinations. Grab your bike, designated driver, or jump on transit to reach some of Calgary's top spots for elevated experiences.

Please note that according to City of Calgary bylaws, cannabis consumption is only permitted on private property. Please consume responsibly. While several of the attractions listed are situated on public property and are open for public enjoyment, it's important to be aware that cannabis consumption might not be suitable at these locations. We advise you to review local bylaws and use cannabis responsibly.

Piazza Plaza!

177 9 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0P4

Near and dear to our hearts, our plaza out front is a safe community hub for friends and family alike. Every great adventure starts with a visit to FivePoint. Supplied with a free little library for complimentary reading enjoyment (and the occasional knick-knack), a foosball table provided by Roma's Pizzeria and a complimentary free-use fire pit, the Piazza Plaza gives everything you wish your backyard/ balcony could. Enjoy accessible seating of varying styles including Adirondack chairs, picnic tables, as well as metal chairs and tables that are light and easy to move for wheelchair access. Free 30 minute parking with the ParkPlus app, but the 90 Bridgeland or Blue C-train line will bring you right to our doorstep and we're only a few blocks from the River pathway system. Activity really picks up in the plaza when there are community events such as the Night Market (July 28th and August 18th) or the Bridgeland Farmers Market (every Thursday).

FivePoint's Recommendation:

Enjoy Ikusza Tokyo Market on their dog-friendly patio, grab a slice from Roma's or refresh with a beverage from local roasteries Peace, Bono or Baya Rica. If you are so inclined and your timing is right- the local bike shop Bike and Brew hosts varying group bicycle rides that finish at '88 Brewing for a slice and a beer.

Harvie's Passage!

1440 17a St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4T9

Located on the Bow River slightly east of the zoo, Harvie's Passage is large outdoor swimming and rafting recreation area created by the city of Calgary, repurposing an old weir. Here you will find people set up with tents and barbecues for a full day of enjoyment as well as serious kayakers and paddleboarders taking advantage of the multiple drops and natural waves created by the river's flow. Casual river-goers enjoying the river's eddies and slow moving spots are also abundant. There are porta-potties should you need as well as an occasionally elusive ice cream cart with refreshments for purchase. Harvie's Passage is partially accessible with one ramp water entrance and one ramp water exit. The path to the river is partially paved and partially gravel. To get there: have your designated driver park at the Pearce Estate Park lot and walk down. Pearce Estate Park also offers many enjoyable walking trails and permanent camp-style cooking infrastructure. Rental e-scooters cannot be parked at Harvie's but can be parked in Inglewood which is a short walk away. For transit users the 1 Forrest Lawn and 307 Max Purple will take you very close. Ultimate access is granted to those on bikes with many areas to lock up and enjoy worry-free. FivePoint's Reccomendation: Pick up burgers and shakes from Inglewood Drive-In or Bussin and head down on your bike or scooter to Calgary's premier outdoor white water rafting course. Float down on a tube safely or in a life jacket and enjoy large areas of comfortable rocks and trees for those wishing to stay out of the sun. Confederation Park!

905 30 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2K 0A2

Created in 1967 to celebrate Canada's Centennial, Confederation Park is a result of Calgary Parks superintendent Harry Boothman who envisioned a large park that focused on individual activity as well as environmental preservation. "While the park's theme is oriented around the naturally occurring stream and coulee, the park's design concept originates from a landscape style known as Picturesque, originating in England in the 18th century". This crescent shaped park encompasses more than 160 hectares including 8 hectares of wetland section. These trees, shrubs and aquatic vegetation provide habitat for a considerable variety of birds and other wildlife including Blue-winged Teal Ducks and Mallards, Canada Geese and a variety of gulls. There is a large population of muskrats, and plenty of butterflies and dragonflies. This park is accessible with all pathways paved and well-maintained as well as seasonally available brick and mortar washrooms.

FivePoint's Recommendation:

Surrounded by local legendary eateries such as Pad Thai, Nan's Noodle House, Mikey's Taco shop and Jimmy's A&A- there is no shortage of snacking to pack-in or hit up at the days end. There is also rotational food trucks in the various parking lots and seasonal events hosted at the community center and green spaces by the City of Calgary. Confederation Park is perfect to stroll along a stream bordered by mature deciduous and coniferous trees or access the tennis courts, baseball diamonds, natural playgrounds, picnic areas and several flower and rock gardens. This is truly a park built to be explored and enjoyed by all. There is plenty of easy to access parking for those driving. The park is also accessed by bike paths for those cycling or scootering. The 2 Killarney/17 Ave bus or the 5 North Haven grants transit users a central drop-off and pickup spot.

Readers Rock Garden!

325 25 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 7H8

Created in 1913 as a love-letter to horticulture by William Roland Rader who was the Superintendent for Calgary Parks from 1913 – 1942. At the top of the hill, one will find the previous private residence of the Parks Superintendent now turned restaurant. In the early 1900's it was common for those studying botany to curate and plant a collection of specimens they had studied. Reader created his garden in this vein, trialing over 4000 different plant species, making it one of the few significant gardens in western Canada. The blooms seasonally from mid-March to mid-November.

FivePoint's Reccomendation:

Getting there: Located beside the Stampede South entrance, there is parking available for your designated driver. Alternatively, hop on the red line to Erlton station where Reader's Rock is located, or veer off the River bike path or from Mission to access Reading Rock just off Macleod and 25th Ave. Spend hours exploring the vast network of cobblestoned paths, seasonal flowers and abundant wildlife including bob cats, coyotes and wild rabbits. Snack on some ice cream or other vintage food fair in the historic cabin nestled deep within the park. Enjoy hiding benches and waterworks throughout. For the adventurous, take a respectful stroll through any of the five bordering cemeteries including the oldest cemetery in Calgary. Reader's Rock is not accessible and requires proper footwear and dexterous mobility to navigate many small pathways. There is also ample bike parking at the base of the park.

Fish Creek Provincial Park!

South Calgary, Alberta

Located to the south of the city, Fish Creek valley is where generations of First Nations communities grew and thrived for thousands of years, the first Europeans in Calgary settled and where the city's first industrial development was established. Here you will find over 50km of accessible trails for biking, walking, hiking and rollerblading. This vast reserve is home to over 200 species of birds and is highly trafficked by deer, coyotes and moose. There is ample access for boating, swimming and outdoor cooking.

FivePoint's Recommendation:

Hop on the red line to Canyon Meadows C-train station, walk past the 7-11 to the bike trail that takes you down into Fish Creek Park. Here there will be three separate pathways. Looks are deceiving and bush whacking may be required but there are many hidden water features and human created hang-out spots waiting to be discovered. For those looking for a more curated experience, Sikome Lake is a paid, manmade outdoor swimming hole with sandy beaches and good vibes. Swimming for the more adventurous can be found at Hidden Beach- a clothing optional swimming area on the river. Parking in Fish Creek Park is free and ample, and over 50% of all pathways are paved allowing wheelchair and scooter access. There are no spots directly around or in Fish Creek Park for food, but if you've made the trip Crispy Crust Pizzeria is in the neighborhood and has arguably Calgary's best AND cheesiest pizza.

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