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FivePoint's Canna-Mama Gift Guide 2023!

Mother's Day approaches on Sunday, May 14th, 2023 and FivePoint is supplying the best kind of flowers for any canna-mama in your life. Whether they are a canna-connoisseur or just canna-curious- there is something on this list certain to elevate anyone's experience- any time of day!

Take advantage of 10% off all bath and topical products with specialty products up to 30% off. This sale runs Saturday May 13th through Sunday May 14th- be sure to stock up for you and your loved one. As always, please stop by The Gallery or reach out to one of our knowledgeable budtenders at 403-690-3636 with any and all questions.


cannabis vapes, dab pens, cartridges, smokeable, inhalant

Did you know that 26% of all floral arrangement purchases stem from Mother's Day? Break the mould and gift the type of flower we know Mom's secretly prefer: Cartridges and disposable vapes provide a quick, convenient and casual approach to cannabis consumption. These products can be discreetly consumed inside or outside, anytime throughout the day without odor. A quick fix for anyone needing more energy and focus or relaxation and peace.

1. Viola Grandma's Pie Balanced 1:1 Hybrid 1G Vape Cartridge delivers a sharp floral nose profile with hints of a candy-like smell, leaving you with a coasting mellow effect when consumed. Expertly formulated to deliver a smooth, full flavor on each and every draw. Created with fresh frozen live resin extracts, the rich terpene profile evokes a stronger aroma and a fuller flavor. Proudly produced locally in Alberta.

2. The DayDay Mango Kush CBG:CBD:Delta 8 THC 1.0 g Prefilled Vape Cartridge was made for vaping all day, every day. No fillers, cutting agents, or artificial ingredients while bursting with Mango Kush flavour followed by citrus and earthy notes. This cannabinoid blend is combined with over 15 natural, sativa-strain terpenes including Myrcene, Ocimene and b-Caryophyllene to round out an uplifting, functional profile ideal for daytime use.


cannabis bath products, bath bombs, salt soaks, THC infused, CBD infused, wellness, relaxation

Looking to gift relaxation without the buzz or inhalation? Users will benefit from discreet and direct CBD and THC trans-dermal application through one of our many varieties of quality bath bombs and salts from sustainable licensed producer Stewart Farms and local licensed producer Viridis. Think Lush quality with a special twist!

cannabis topicals, THC infused, CBD infused, skin care, hollistic, wellness

1. 10% Off For Mother's Day Exclusive Sale!

Stewart Farms products are jam packed with ultra-moisturizing butters and oils along with a delightful blend of pure essential oils. Indulge in strain specific bath bombs (Blue Dream, Bubba Kush and Chocolate Hashberry) in a 3-pack combo deal or try out a single in a bright, piney "Douglas Fir" scent or the frankincense-myrrh 24K gold leaf plated "3 Kings". All Stewart Farms bath bombs contain 100MG of THC and 100MG of CBD.

cannabis topicals, THC infused, CBD infused, skin care, hollistic, wellness

2. 10% Off For Mother's Day Exclusive Sale!

Plucked fresh from the fields of New Brunswick is Stewart Farm's all-new Blueberry Sunset Salt Soak. Their effervescent formula features pure blueberry extract, reviving Epsom salts, ultra-moisturizing plant butters and a delightful blend of pure essential oils to help you relax and Rebound from all that life throws your way! This soak is balanced with 125MG of both THC and CBD.

cannabis topicals, THC infused, CBD infused, skin care, hollistic, wellness

3. 30% Off For Mother's Day Exclusive Sale!

Produced in Edmonton, the Viridis Cannabomb is deliciously citrus scented CBD only option for those looking to relax. Shaped like a bright green weed leaf, this infused bath bomb contains hemp-seed oil for ultimate moisturization. 100MG of CBD is delivered transdermally through the skin membrane.


cannabis topicals, THC infused, CBD infused, skin care, hollistic, wellness

Be it cosmetic or wellness focused- infused topicals are a growing segment of the cannabis industry. Topicals allow for direct, targeted absorption of CBD and THC when applied to a desired area. Backed by science and certification- even the most ingredient-analyzing Mother can find comfort in the high-quality production of the following products!

1. 10% Off For Mother's Day Exclusive Sale!

Mino-Ahki: Meaning 'Good Earth', is a wellness product that combines traditional remedies with cannabis to create a lightly scented, CBD topical cream that is perfect for any wellness routine. Made with consultation from the Pasqua First Nation elders, this cream contains properties from generations of Indigenous natural wellness and treatments made right here in Alberta. Mino-Ahki is a fast absorbing, water-based lotion with a non-greasy formulation that is enhanced with Sweet Grass essential oil. Royalties from this topical cream will be paid to the Pasqua First Nation Band and its people.

2. 30% Off For Mother's Day Exclusively Sale

Produced in British Columbia, Emprise Cannabis' Charcoal Bidiol Scrub is a unique scrub that contains advanced nano CBD. It delivers gentle exfoliation while using activated charcoal to smooth out texture and tone. It penetrates deep without irritating or drying out skin, removing the 'city skin' of dust, dirt and pollutants. It's gentle enough for all skin types, and enhances epidermis serum and moisturizer performance. Apply to skin or face and massage, then wash off.

3. 10% Off For Mother's Day Exclusive Sale!

Proofly Warming CBD Massage Oil is a non-greasy and quick-absorbing massage oil infused CBD and THC. Harness the benefits of vitamin E, arnica oil, canola oil, jojoba oil and almond oil to provide excellent glide during application. A black pepper essential oil used in the formula provides a warming and comfortable sensation around the body. For topical use only.


cannabis edibles, weed gummies, ingest, cookies, candy, powder

Why not treat the special moms in your life to a gift that's both indulgent and safe? With cannabis edibles and beverages, you can say goodbye to the traditional glass of wine and hello to an enjoyable and healthier alternative coming in varying potencies for any maternal figure in your life. We are also carrying a multitude of sugar-free options, capsules and oils of both THC and CBD, along with infusers for those who are calorie or sugar conscious.

1. Sundaisies Rhubarb Pie THC indica soft chews are bursting with a mouth-watering taste of homemade rhubarb pie. Bright and juicy with the perfect amount of squish, these soft chews are crafted using botanical terpenes inspired by Pink Kush for a flower experience in edible form.

2. Sunshower Sour Cherry gummies are made from the natural flavours of Morello and B.C.-grown Lapin sour cherries to combine tree-ripened sweetness with an extra sour kick. Every pack of Sunshower Sour Cherry contains 10 soft chews, each made with 1mg of the finest cannabis distillate THC so that you can start low, go slow and manage your experience at your own pace.

3. WabiSabi White Chocolate Luscious Lemon Sativa Truffles are made locally in Calgary. These delicious handmade Belgium chocolates are velvety and smooth, and infused with single strain Lemon Zkittles Sativa input.


custom local glass, curated art, smoking accessories, smoking culture, heady glass

Looking to give something non-consumable? FivePoint is your destination for local, unique, curated heady glass and smoking accessories. We collaborate with local artists to create product you cannot find anywhere else (just like your fourth-grade drawing that still hangs on the fridge- but better!).

The Red Heart Mug with Pipe is made of ceramic and holds approximately 11oz of your favourite brew. It features an embossed red heart design on matte black. Attached to the front of the mug is a fully functional pipe able to be lit and smoked. The smoke filters up the hollow handle to the mouthpiece on the top, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate wake and bake. It is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Zen Zinger Gummy Kits are an experience you can share with mom! Dive into the world of DIY edible making with easy to follow instructions. Mom will enjoy the quality time you spend together while making delicious gummies right at home. We've included heart shaped molds. May we suggest a THC or CBD oil already made to make this a simple, and easy experience?

Slim artist doobie cases feature a spring loaded release and a mirrored interior. Externally, choose from five different designs from three different artists including Kathryn E. Pearce, Damien Raphael and current resident artist Sarah Lamoureux. These cases fit five half gram joints or can double as a business card holder or wallet.

FivePoint x Milk Jar Red Cedar Orange or Mahogany Teakwood Candles are a beautiful aromatic to brighten or compliment cannabis scents. Created as a collaboration between two locally female owned companies- these candles feature designs created again by Sarah Lamoureux in collaboration with legacy FivePoint artists. 100% soy wax with an even burn wick- these candles last for 40-45 hours.

Sarah Lamoureux (SLAMO) has filled the Gallery with her bright, alien prairie landscapes. Check out her work on Instagram @lightsabertoothtiger for a hint at what to expect next time you stop by. No room on your walls for a large piece? For the first time FivePoint is also carrying hand-made prints of SLAMO's larger work for a smaller commitment both spatially and financially!


Looking to take the guess work out of your choice? FivePoint will be offering curated gift baskets containing cannabis, topicals, art and accessories for whoever you wish to treat this Mother's Day.

FivePoint also carries Gift Cards in $25, $50, $100 and $150+ denominations.

Free gift wrapping on all purchases is always available!

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