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  • Alena Jenkins

Five highdeas for passing the time in quarantine

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Are you getting bored at home? Looking for something to occupy the time? Here's our list of five things to keep you occupied this week while you lay low.

1. Have a virtual "tea party" with your friends. FivePoint can supply the CBD tea and delicious infused edibles. Games like truth or dare, charades, read my lips and two truths and a lie can all be played easily in a group video call. If you want to set up a trivia game to play with your friends, visit or pictionary on

2. Do a craft! Get creative with your ways to blaze. Send us your bucket bongs, cross joints or fruit and vegetable pipes @fivepointcannabis on instagram or email

3. Make your own edibles with the Friendibles infusion kit or pre-prepared THC cooking oil, both available at FivePoint.

4. Start a strain journal and try something new. Have you tried CBD or CBD hybrid flower? Enjoy a relaxing experience without heady effects of THC. Get to better understand how cannabis affects you and get tuned into what strains are your favourite by keeping a strain journal.

5. Write a letter. Write to your future self, or write to a friend or relative who you haven't connected with in a while. Now is a great time to reflect and share your thoughts

Have a highdea you'd like to share with the FivePoint Society? Email us at to spread the love!

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