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  • Alena Jenkins

Find your Valentine with FivePoint

Last minute shopping for your Valentine or feeling the need to spoil yourself? Either way, we've got you covered. We've brought in some delectable deals and relaxation must-haves for the Valentine's Day weekend.

Come shop Valentine's Day with us and walk out with gift-wrapped goodies. We have Valentine's cards, chocolate boxes, and tissue paper for a special touch.

Our Bong 4 Baby bundle includes your choice of a mini bong at 50% off, a Lily Apothecary gold flake resin rolling tray and two grams of Edison flower. My Bud Vase or Era Glassworks handmade mini bongs are available at this huge discount for a limited time only.

The Travelling Stoner bundle is perfect for the on-the-go Valentine. Build your bundle with a style that suits your S.O., choose a rolling tray, small doob case with local art, and your choice of black or pink Sackville cones. These cones have been naturally dyed and are completely vegan. Support local artists at FivePoint!

For my Sweetie, a selection of FivePoint papers, matches and a red Aerospaced grinder. This bundle is perfect for anyone who likes to roll their own. FivePoint papers are made of unbleached hemp with all-natural vegan gum close. Every pack comes with filter tips and gives back to the local artist who helped design them.

For your best buddy, we've got premium quality dab tools. The Eyce Sidecar and the Big Buddy torch are available in various colours for you to choose from. With all the new forms of concentrates hitting our shelves, it's time to upgrade your rig to get the full experience.

Finally, the Vapium Lite (available in black or rose), is a great starter dry-herb vaporizer for anyone looking to improve the entourage effect of cannabis. With eight temperature settings, this Canadian-made vape allows you to access all of the flavours, aromas and effects of the plant. This is your opportunity to elevate your experience even further.

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