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  • Alena Jenkins

Edibles and free gift cards: a good start to 2020!

What an exciting week at FivePoint. We have lots of delicious edibles in store and couldn't be more excited to hear your feedback. Drop by on Friday evening between 5PM - 8PM to chat with Canopy Growth pros about edible chocolates and upcoming products, including rapid onset beverages!

There is so much research being done in cannabis right now. We're so excited to pioneer this industry with the FivePoint Society (shout-out to our e-subscribers, and secret menu faithfuls!).

Our ganja guides work hard to stay on top of all that's new and upcoming in Canadian cannabis. Don't be afraid to pick their minds! They're all certified at national standards through CanSell, sponsored by Lift & Co.

They also take time to review strains on Lift.Co, a Canadian review-based strain database that provides rewards based on your helpful reviews. Start reviewing today online at Lift.Co or ask a ganja guide for more information about how you can earn free amazon gift cards through Lift.

The new edible products we offer are showing up to be something to call home about. Don't forget to start low and go slow! There are a wide breadth of uses for these edibles... chill-out before a date, host your own infused tea party... Enjoy cannabis consumption without the smell or ash. Uplift, engage, giggle, relax, rest, calm. Find your balance and consume responsibly.

The risks of driving impaired are real. We're partnered with some promising platforms that hope to offer delivery in our great city soon. Currently, recreational cannabis retailers are legally withheld from providing delivery services. Provincial legislators discuss delivery services together with a large panel of almost 100 cannabis advisors, retail partners, Health Canada scientists and third party research groups.

Another important current discussion in cannabis is vape pens. At this time, no cannabis retailers in Alberta can sell concentrate vape pens including cartridge and pod-type vaporizers. AGLC is conducting a larger study around vaporizers of all types at this time. Once this study is complete, we will have a lot more information on the potential risks and benefits of these products, as well as availability in our province.

Of course, we'll keep you up-to-date with details on all the new products in the coming weeks. See you in FivePoint soon!

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