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CALIFORNIA-SOBER SUMMER INCOMING! How Canna-Bevs Are Your Newest and Best Alcohol-Alternative:

Looking to drink less alcohol or canna-curious about beverages in general? Cannabis beverages are a great alternative that will keep you high-drated whether you are floating the Bow or catching a show at the Dome. Cannabis beverages can provide a different experience compared to alcohol or other cannabis edibles, often offering relaxation or mood enhancement with a quicker on-set and duration that traditional edibles due to the "nano-emulsification or encapsulation" processes which will be explained further below.

Effects and Experience: Cannabis beverages can have varying effects depending on the strain of cannabis used and the ratio and potency of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG and even CBN. Some beverages may induce a mild high and promote energy, wellness or focus while other can provide a heavy stone perfect for turning your brain off after a long day.

Dosage Control: Similar to alcohol, but with a higher variation of "serving sizes", cannabis can affect individuals differently based on tolerance and metabolism. Beverages start to absorb into our endocannabinoid system in the mouth through our salivary glands and are then metabolised through our stomach lining into our liver and then into our blood stream thanks for the nanoemulsification technology cannabis producers use today. This means that our hydration level and contents of our stomachs can impact when and how our high is achieved. Start with a low dose and wait 20-40 minutes to feel the effects before consuming more.

Hydration and Ingredients: Consider the ingredients of the cannabis beverage you choose. For those that wish to be mindful of the ingredients they consume, FivePoint offers a wide variety of sugar-free (and artificial sweetener free as well) options that are worth a try. For those health-conscious or experiencing dietary restrictions, all ingredients are listed on the back of the can as well as on all our online listings.

New Innovations: Missing that crisp refreshing beer taste? Mollo has a line of super light dealcoholized beer options, or a new line up of Ciders that could pass for your regular Strongbow, along with a line of Seltzers we're really digging. Prefer something more like a traditional pop? There are the XMG line ups with everything from Cream Soda, to new tropical flavours. We love our only Alberta beverage producer Zele, who produces old school soda pops and a new sugar-free line, complete with glass bottle. Solei has recently come out with a line of cold brew teas that are infused with varying concentrations of THC. Whichever is your preference, our fridges are stocked for these hot summer days!

Stop by in-store and speak with your budtender about how to maximize your canna-bev enjoyment with our Mix & Match 4 and 6 packs. All drinks are clearly labelled with cannabinoid content, sugar levels and ingredients.

Mix & Match 6 for $36:

Mollo Lime, Mollo Original and Mollo Orchard Ciders

Mix & Match 6 for $42 or 4 for $28:

Bubble Kush Orange, Lemon-Lime or Rootbeer, Zele Lo Pamplemousse and Peach Haze, Zele OG Black Cherry Soda, Zele Lemon-Lime, NEW Mollo Seltzers Mango, Pineapple or Lemon, NEW Solei Iced Tea Wildberry Hibiscus or Peach Cranberry, Solei CBD Seltzer Mango Passionfruit or Dragonfruit Watermelon, TWEED Sugar-Free Cola.

Ultimately, whether cannabis beverages are suitable for personal indulgence or in replacement of alcohol is up to individual preference. Our budtenders are always happy to discuss what you or your social gathering may be looking for in order to best recommend a product that is right for you, including fully CBD options!

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