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  • Alena Jenkins

4/20 Buying Guide - How to Make the Most out of your April 20th Celebration.

Tired of the same stuff on every shelf? Us too. We work with Canadian companies to bring you some of the best cannabis products and accessories coming from the Mecca of Cannabis - Canada! We believe in supporting local and we thank you for continuing to support local by shopping at FivePoint. Your purchases here directly support artists and artisans in your community. Check out what we have in-store for you this April 20th, 2022.

Make sure to check out our event listing here for full details on what you can expect on 4/20. We have Live Painting, some wicked deals, chances to win prizes and more in store for you this 4/20. We're opening an extra hour early to serve you better. Open 10am - 9pm.

Our 4/20 Must Haves. All Accessories are 20% off this 4/20!

Go All Out with Specialty Papers

Specialty rolling papers for four twenty 4:20 4/20 beautiful blunts

We've seen the full oz joints, the Cross joint, and the Airplane but if you're wanting to go a little boujee without the kitsch, try one of these out while looking festive.

Try one of the Beautiful Blunts pre-rolled cones in 3 epic designs; Sunflower, Rasta & Gold, and Unicorn Dreams to really stand out.

This awesome collab ain't nuffin to F!@# with. Shine papers paired with Wu-Tang to really up your doobie game. These real 24K gold papers are easy smoking and really eye catching. Alena warned you however, don't use with an arc lighter unless you're prepared to get zapped.

Other options include any number of our wide variety of King Palm tobacco-less blunt wraps, or our iconic FivePoint hemp papers featuring local artist Copper Spruce (a portion of every sale goes right back to the artist). Lastly, make a real blunt by stocking up flower at FivePoint and visiting our neighbour The Tobacco Outlet in the same building for some tobacco blunt wraps. Tell them we sent you for 20% off on 4/20.

Infused Joints and Blunts

Finding you need more a boost? Try an infused pre-roll option on 4/20.

Infused diamond, twax, wax, distillate, kief, hash, joints and blunts

Infused pre-rolls come in many shapes and sizes and vary in potency, but expect potencies between 35% THC - 50% THC. Some are infused with distillate, others with hash. Some are wrapped in a blunt wrap, others in diamond coated paper, and some with slow burning hemp. Ask your budtender for more information and to find the infusion that's right for you.

Heady Glass 20% Off all day April 20th

Now is your time to invest in Functional Art. We work closely with Canadian glass workers to bring you some really stunning pieces. Many pieces have amazing resale value.

Heady Canadian Glass Eckardt Glass Jay Vancouver Calgary Western Canada Sale Pipe Sherlock

Mushroom recycler heady glass canadian glass jay eckardt vancouver calgary western canada sale 20% off

Eckardt Glass featured here uses a combination of fuming processes to create truly stunning pieces that rip. Fumed glass continues to change colour as you use it with UV reactive glass peppered into certain pieces.

You'll also find Alana Biffert (WhirlClass Glass) bongs in-store. These bongs are custom FivePoint pieces and are truly one-of-a-kind. Nobody will have the same piece as you anywhere in the world, while helping to support local glass workers.

Find Woodtick glass also on sale for 4/20 only. Discover his creepy and imaginative pieces. Find everything from hand-made bowls, to Alien-esque sidelock pipes, to a collaboration hammer bubbler.

To-Go Cannabis Storage 20% Off April 20th

On 4/20, you want to ensure your stash is accessible and organized, and it doesn't hurt to be a bit fashionable too.

Hush Lifestyle Brand is a Canadian based brand, recently featured in Chatelaine for their ergonomic and smell proof line of storage pieces. Find canvas or vegan leather with custom FivePoint stash jars included in your Hush purchases. Stand out with these.

Turn Heads with Rare Burled Resin Dug Outs, also 20% off

Dug outs as unique as their owners, these use rare burled Canadian maple to create one-of-a-kind textures paired with specially designed epoxy resin for a truly rich piece. Futo Dug Outs are made to accommodate a Dynavap as well as glass one-hitters.

Come in-store and speak to your budtender about Futo dug outs.

Lots of big weed sales. Save up to 50%

You'll find a lot of sales on edibles, flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and more in-store and online this four twenty. See you at the Gallery!

We can't wait to see you at the gallery for all the 4/20 festivities! If you're looking for more ways to celebrate, you can browse our full menu online and use our discount code to save 5%.

Use the Code: Online5 for 5% off your order at the checkout. See you in the Gallery where you can browse more local art, all for sale through the local artists.

Happy 4/20!

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