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2022 Budtender Awards

Updated: May 10, 2023


2022 was an amazing year for the cannabis industry. With new market innovations including larger edible milligram concentrations, raising the limits on purchasable drinks to the explosion of infused pre-rolls- we are here to count it all down and let you know truly what the people and pros are smoking! Celebrate our staff and customer top choices for 2022 and learn more about them down below.

DISTINKT Cannabis Voted Best Licensed Producer, Best Local Licensed Producer and Best Flower 2022

DISTINKT is a local legend located right in the heart of Calgary. Making waves across the nation, they are fully to the pursuit of AAAA genetics. DISTINKT is flooding the market with high potency, high flavour, high quality bud, rosin, hash and vapes. Hang dried and cold-cured for a minimum of 21 days, only the top colas make it into DISTINKT bags. We are obsessed with their terpene preservation on their flower and their clean, high quality extracts. Check out their nearly full full melt bubble hash in the Temple Ball.

DISTINKT packages their product with a complete breakdown including strain lineage, harvest date, package date, trim type, drying method, cure time, aroma, flavour, appearance and a complete terpene breakdown. DISTINKT's Peanut Butter Breath also won our flower of the year category.


Pure Sunfarms Voted Most Improved Licensed Producer 2022

Pure Sunfarms has made massive strides throughout the year to improve quality while keeping costs low. Although they've always had decent flower and incredibly prices, our Budtenders have noted some major improvements that have landed PSF at the top of our list for Most Improved.

Grown in converted vegetable greenhouses in the heart of the Fraser Valley in BC, Pure Sunfarms merely has to nudge their plants to get them to grow successfully in this region. The upgrades? Recent changes include implementing the use of single-strain grow rooms which allows unique lighting, watering and fertilization techniques to benefit each particular strain's needs. This also allows the true aroma, hue and general nature of the strain to shine as it is not influenced by competing strains in the same room. More recently they have invested into hang-dry and slow curing with hand finishing. By vastly improving their quality while maintaining accessible price points- this Fraser Valley, sun grown licensed producer has won our hearts.

Tantalus Labs Voted Best Sustainable Cannabis Operation 2022

Located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia- Tantalus Labs is for the earth, from the earth. Spending four years pre-legalization on the development and creation of their proprietary SunLab- Tantalus has always been committed to the pursuit of carbon-neutral cannabis creation. The SunLab allows for a temperature controlled indoor grow with the benefits of natural sunlight as their main light and energy source. Tantalus has also equipped this special ceiling with rainwater catchment systems. After being triple filtered, this rainwater is the only water used throughout the entire facility for all operations. All of these progressive and crucial environmental advancements have only made for better quality cannabis- Tantalus Labs is consistently one of FivePoint's top sellers. We love their CEO Dan's attention to detail, his commitment to greener cannabis production, and bonus points he too is working with local artists to promote cannabis within the arts.

Sweet Justice Sodas Voted Best Edible 2022

Sweet Justice is on a mission to provide alternative solutions to those looking to reduce or replace their alcohol consumption. Started after many successful "dry" house parties- Sweet Justice packs the same amount flavour and potency without any "hangxiety". They are the first licensed producer to introduce a caffeine free, sugar free, zero-calorie 10mg Cola beverage. These soda-scientists created beverages with micro-emulsion for a fast-acting good time, every


General Admission "Taster Pack" Voted Best Concentrate 2022

2022 was the first year infused pre-rolls hit the Canadian legal market.

Dropping just in time for toasty summer tokes- we were blown away by the deliciously unique product that is the distillate infused, kief-coated joints that come in the General Admission Taster Pack. These small but juicy joints pack a punch! For our budtenders, we had never experienced a flavour profile quite like this in our many years of canna-experience.

This taster pack includes Peach Ringz, Tiger's Blood and Rainbow Sherb (exclusive to the Taster Pack). These three half gram doobs burn evenly and smoothly and provide high impact flavour and potency. We applaud the quality and the market innovation and cannot wait to see what creativity General Admission comes up with next! Honorable mention was Purple Hills for their zesty Lemon Pepper Badder, always kept cold in the fridge to maintain proper curing until ready to dab!

BC Black Voted Best Pre-Roll 2022

After many months of hearing how amazing BC Black was preforming in British Columbia, Albertan's were finally able to gain access to this licensed producer in 2022. BC Black comprises of multiple small craft, legacy cultivars. BC Black works to bring illicit, grey market growers into the legal market. Once regulated, these growers are able to effectively and safely continue to grow successfully as they have been for decades. Black Kettle Farms have been growing since 2009 under master grower Mike "Surfer" Holub. From plant to pre-roll buds are hang dried and cold cured for 10 days each before being hand trimmed and passed on to BC Black for final production. Enjoy legacy- legally.

Triangle Kush is rolled in an even, longer style pre-roll that we love with perfect white ash, a nice resin ring, and a delicious kushy flavour that can be enjoyed any time of day. We put this to a vote with our followers and BC Black Triangle Kush came out ahead! Runner up included the Loud Plug Guava Biscotti.


Distinkt won our favourite local producer as well as our favourite producer, period. We had a tie in-store amongst our experts and put this to vote with the public. Distinkt won yet again with their amazing Peanut Butter Breath strain, followed very closely by Carmel Animal Face, and Sitka Strawberry Lemonade both worth mentioning.

What makes this strain so good? It must be the years of legacy growing experience combined with Distinkt's small rooms, soil grown, the 28 day cold cure, and the hand trimming; all of whic

h combine to bring a potent, highly cared for product. We appreciate the attention to detail with full transparancy of their certificate of analysis on the back. Way to go Distinkt for winning the hearts of our budtenders and followers alike. We <3 supporting local YYC Cannabis, and we're pumped you do too!

Was your fave snubbed this year? Any categories you'd like to see represented?

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