AGLC Regulation

Recently, the AGLC has mandated that all stores check IDs before anyone can access information to cannabis, including our non-censored menu. While we understand this process is cumbersome, we've done our best to ensure compliance, to keep minors safe, and to give our guests the best experience we can. 

To view our full menu, including pictures and descriptions, you'll need to show us some ID first. Here is that process:

You need a password to enter our Member's area and access our full menu, educational materials, and blog posts. To gain the password, you need to have an active account at FivePoint. If you've signed up in-store, you'll find the password in your e-mail box. The password exists in our weekly email for you to access. 



If you do not have an in-store FivePoint account, you will need to either come in-store to set one up, or we can set up an e-meeting with us which can be done by clicking the button below.  Once you have e-met with one of our budtenders and shown ID to one of our staff, we will be able to create an account for you which grants you the password. Your approved account will gain you access to our website and will automatically sign you up for our in-store benefits including access to our Secret Menu.