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Twelve days of kushmas 2023: ITEM GUIDE


Click into each day on your journey through our 12 Daze of Kushmas Cann-Advent calendar.  This article will guide you through all products you are about to enjoy. The numbers on the box correlate to the days we suggest you open them. Below you will find each day/ number with a drop down available which reveals what the product is, why we love it, and some additional Budtender Tips to get the most out of your experience. Please enjoy this special curation, brought to you by cannabis enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We value your feedback! Please let us know how you enjoyed this fun, canna-themed experience! 

​DAY 1: General Admission Distillate Infused + Kief Coated Taster Pack 3 x 0.5G PR's Packed to the brim with bursting, fruity flavour- indulge in a distillate infused and kief coated pre-roll with this Taster Pack from General Admission. This pack features an indica Grapey Grape strain with grape fizz notes, a sativa Lykke Lychee reminiscent of the most delicious green childhood candy and a hybrid Watermelon Splash that evokes the fruitiest of fruit. We included this pack as a way to kick-start your Holidaze. Infused joints tend to burn longer, so don't mind their stubby size. Distillate is a type of concentrate that allows for greater consistency and with the added terpenes, the flavour powerhouse of cannabis, they've managed to achieve some very unique flavours that are sure to change how you perceive pre-rolled joints! FivePoint Tips and Tricks: Due to the flower being milled with additional concentrates, we recommend you take care while lighting these mini-torches. Get your cherry super hot , lighting with purpose to get the best burn. If you need to put these out, a gentle "stamping" will ensure you don't lose too much product before you relight.

​DAY 2: Artist Doob Case: Kathryn Pearce FivePoint is founded on the relationship between cannabis and creativity. From day one, FivePoint has committed to the support of local artists through opportunities to showcase in either of our Gallery spaces as well as through the collaboration on custom-made cannabis accessories. $4 from each artist-created Doob Case goes right back to the orginial artist. This collection of work is from artist Kathryn E. Pearce and focuses on her collection "Callused Happenstance"- how all the colours of the past, present and future combine to create the shared experience called life.  FivePoint Tips and Tricks: Not a pre-rolls connoisseur? This case works perfectly as a business card holder or a wallet. ​

​DAY 3: Manna Maple Sugar - 2 x 5mg THC + 15mg CBG Locally female owned and operated by Jen Meyers, Manna Maple Sugar is a 100% organic dissolvable THC consumable. Perfect to bake with, top yogurt, infuse beverages or dissolve right on your tongue- this CBG blend is perfect for those who want a body-vibe with uplifting effects. Maple sugar has a low glycemic index, making this infuser only slightly sweet, and less processed than many traditional gummies. This product is also "nano emulsified" meaning you can expect a faster onset.  FivePoint Tips and Tricks: This sugar is infused with CBG- providing uplifting, energetic and well-being based effects. We've included 2 tea bags for you to enjoy with a friend or loved one. Get creative with these infusers! Try boosting your next workout by substituting or including Manna in your pre-workout, or add to your favourite hot chocolate around a fire.

DAY 4: Bernard's Cannabis Creations Chocolate Cups - 4 x 2.5mg THC Organic and fair-trade chocolate ingredients pair with local master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut's decades of confectionary knowledge. Partnering with Palm Gardens- a family owned licensed producer based in Edmonton, these chocolate cups elevate everything you think you know about holiday consumption.  FivePoint Tips and Tricks: Spice up your holiday movie night by mixing your chocolate cups in with a bowl of buttery popcorn. These cups are full-melt organic chocolate- concoct an artisanal hot chocolate beverage by mixing with hot milk or snack on them on your own.

DAY 5: Noon & Night Lavender Fizz CBD Bath Bomb 100mg CBD Hypoallergenic, free of colourants, and made with lavender flowers and essential oils- this bath bomb is THC free and safe for all to enjoy. Noon & Night believes in self care that is elemental and everyday. Join us on a journey to uncover the benefits of a full spectrum of cannabinoids and infuse everyday occasions with a little something extra. We love Noon & Nite for their entire topical line up, including their peppermint CBD roll on.  FivePoint Tips and Tricks:  Enjoy an infused bath alongside a soothing infused tea or hot chocolate to really hit the relaxation home.

DAY 6: Favour Peach Nano Shot - 10mg THC Designed and made in Alberta by local company Token Naturals- Favour is Canada's first cannabis drink shot made for mixing. Made with innovative THC nano-emulsion and real fruit juice, these flavour-forward drink mixers taste great and act fast. Drink as a shot for convenience or mix into your favourite drink for full-flavour enjoyment. Expect to feel effects in approximately 15 minutes and are likely to last a few hours, so turn up or wind down - the experience is yours to choose. Contains no common allergens. FivePoint Tips and Tricks: These fast-acting, sessionable drinks are non-carbonated and water soluble so you can add it to your favourite beverage, hot or cold. Plus, Favour is shelf-stable for convenient storage until you're ready to mix!  We recommend these for small trips as they pack light. Camping or even traveling by plane domestically is no sweat for these small shots.

DAY 7: Space Race Cannabis Stargirl 1 x 1G Pre-Roll (Pink Kush) 34.5% Produced locally here in Calgary- the StarGirl pre-roll from Space Race Cannabis features high-test, high quality 100% Pink Kush flower. Perfect to get the munchies going or to wind down after a long day of socializing- share the spirit or save it all for yourself. We love Space Race and they work with micro-producers all over Alberta to bring you the best rotational strains from their roster of curated pheno-hunts throughout the province. This white label allows smaller growers, who otherwise would not be able to compete, to bring their flower to market. ​ FivePoint Tips and Tricks:  This is a big joint- before smoking pinch the top where the paper is pinched, and flick towards the filter with intensity to pack down the bud for a tighter roll. Consider massaging the joint to achieve even distribution as sometimes things shift during shipping and handling to achieve an even burn on these big Star Girls.

DAY 8: Nebulous Krush 1G Vape Cartridge - 86%  The Krush 510 cartridge is a twist on the familiar favourite of grape soda. It features a bright, fizzy grape flavour with a subtle hint of citrus to finish it off. Produced by local Calgary concentrate heavy -hitters Distinkt- you can expect easy, clean pulls with gentle grape and cannabis flavour. Distinkt has become one of our favourite producers for their attention to detail, legacy roots, and solid team of growers. Their facility located right in the heart of Calgary is state of the art with all of their cannabis being hand trimmed, packed, with a cold cure, hang dried - the works when it comes to craft practices! FivePoint Tips and Tricks: Store your cartridge upright at all times when not in use. This helps to prevent clogging and improve the longevity of your vape. If you do encounter clogs, use your pre-heat function on your battery, a hair-dryer on low or sit the cartridge in sunlight to heat the clog for removal. Don't have a battery to use this? Don't worry, we've considered that. Be patient on your journey on the 12 Daze of Kushmas.

DAY 9: VapMod Dragoo 510 Thread Battery The Dragoo by VapMod is a portable and fashionable 3D DIY panel kit that is powered by a 650mAh built-in battery. It is equipped with four voltage levels and armed with preheating functionality. It also comes with colourful LED indicators and a battery level display. Universal for all 510 threaded cartridges and convenient to connect. We love these batteries for their sheer power, funky designs, their ergonomic nature to keep your cartridges upright, and safe from the usual stress points at the connection.  FivePoint Tips and Tricks: If you are experiencing any issues with pulling, please make sure the ring at the bottom of the cartridge is secured snuggly. Press down on the cartridge gently to ensure a stable connection has been established. This should allow for big, clear hits. Use your pre-heat setting in cold weather for amazing pulls no matter the temperature outside!

DAY 10: FivePoint Papers "Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender." - Lady Gaga These high quality papers are made from unbleached hemp, stay stuck, and include customizable tips. FivePoint Tips and Tricks: Try rolling your joints with the filter tip already in. It may take a couple goes to get the hang of it but you'll find you won't get that pesky roll down blocking your airway. When you do get good at it- rolling with the filter in is much faster. Can't roll? Try picking up a roller such as the OCB roller - simply place your FivePoint paper in the slot, add your pre-ground bud and turn the dial for perfect cigarette style joints every time!

DAY 11: Jay Eckardt has been melting glass for over five years. A luthier turned artisan glass blower- Eckardt Glass work is easily identified by it's unique proclivity for mushroom inclusions and other tiny floral decorations. This one-hitter was designed specifically for the 2023 Twelve Daze of Kushmas and is 100% unique to your box. Jay and our owner Alena were best friends in high school, both living their dreams in the cannabis industry.

DAY 12: Joi Orange Kush Cake 3.5G Flower - 30% Also known as OKC, Ethos Genetics bred Orange Kush Cake from the lineage of Wedding Cake x Jilly Bean x Triangle Kush x Mandarin Cookies R2. This particular variety was phenotyped by Joi Botanicals, and was chosen in part for it's unique terpene structure bringing rich, complicated aromas of sharp orange, citrus, gas, sour candy, and earthy sandlewood. Joi hang dries, hand trims, and cures in stainless steel containers for at least 14 days to ensure a quality finish. Packages are filled by hand and include humidity packs inside to maintain optimal freshness. Enjoi! We love Joi for their usually giant nugs, fresh flower, and excellent genetics. We support our local growers, makers, and artists because we know when we shop local, our dollars are being reinvested back into our communities. Thank you for shopping local with us, and know that we procure only the best local products for you to enjoi!  FivePoint Tips and Tricks: Bring the best kind of flowers to your next holiday party. With 3.5g's in this bag- there's enough for you to share your cake AND smoke it too. Joi has offered FivePoint Advent Calendar purchasers an exclusive invite to tour their facility. Please reach out if you would like us to sign you up!

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